BUGCR033 Software Update VR17.4 VR3.2.docx or VR3.2 – 2017-2020 Bugatti Chiron, 2018-2020 Chiron Sport & 2020-2021 DIVO

November 24, 2020 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 20V732000

Electronic Stability Control Malfunction/FMVSS 126

If the Handling Mode is activated, the ESC System goes into Sport mode. After an ignition cycle, the ESC does not default to the original default mode (ESC Normal Mode). After restarting the car, the Drive Mode remains in Handling mode affecting the ESC performance, increasing the risk of a crash.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V732

Manufacturer Bugatti


Potential Number of Units Affected 73



Bugatti (Bugatti) is recalling certain 2017-2020 Chiron, 2018-2020 Chiron Sport and 2020-2021 DIVO vehicles. After an ignition cycle, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) does not automatically default back to the full-function original mode if the Handling Mode is selected on the Drive Mode switch. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 126, “Electronic Stability Control Systems.”



Bugatti will notify owners, and dealers will reprogram the software of the affected control units, free of charge. Owners may contact Bugatti customer service at 1-703-826-7545. Bugatti’s number for this recall is BUGCR033.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


Check if your Bugatti Vehicle has a Recall





1. Applicability

Bugatti Chiron & Divo


2. VIN range

  • Refer to point 7
  • Contact your Bugatti Local ASM (Aftersales Manager).


3. Market Region

North America    ☐ Middle East    ☐ Europe    ☐ Japan    ☐


4. TPI content

Vehicle Software update to latest homologated specification.


5. Description

New Software package is available due to a non-compliance with FMVSS 126 and ECE R13H regarding the ESC system (Electronic Stability Control). The ESC System does not switch back  to fully functional mode after switching off and then switching back on the vehicle ignition when the handling mode is selected on steering wheel. It also fix minor bugs and add new workshop diagnostic and service interval indication functionalities.

Details of impacted control units are listed below, may depend on vehicle level at delivery date.

A Label has to be added into the owner manual.


6. Required Special Tools/Parts

Tool 1 : Remote case – Specific Bugatti equipment including diagnostic Laptop and cables to update

Electronic Control Units (ECUs)





Comply with the vehicle preparation measures for maintenance and repair procedures. Refer to the official Workshop Manual, “General instructions about the vehicle”.

If in any doubt regarding this procedure, contact your Bugatti regional service manager.


11.2020 Page 1 of 6 Revision 1


7. Bug fix and functionalities improvements details

Full scope of potential control unit to be updated

Control Unit SW level Improvement
17: Kombi SG 403 Display improvement and service interval functionality added
55: Rear Light CU  (only for Divo)  016   Software updated to minor bug fix
74: WWCU Chiron: 023 Divo: 101 Software updated to apply the standard FMVSS 126 and ECE R13H


8. Procedure

8.1. Technical Recommendation for SW update

Two ways to perform the vehicle SW update:

  1. Bugatti Customer Service employee from Molsheim
  2. Any Official Bugatti Partner equipped with “Remote Case”, remotely assisted by “Bugatti Customer Service Team”.

The “Remote Case” is a specific Bugatti Customer Service equipment provided for a limited period of time, on request, which must be addressed to your Local ASM (Area Service Manager)

8.2. SW update with Remote case:

After receiving the “Remote case”, an appointment has to be defined with Bugatti Customer Service Team for a duration of up to 2 hours.

Prior to the agreed appointment, the Official Bugatti Partner will organize the following:

  • Vehicle availability
  • Workshop place with clearance to open both doors
  • Vehicle setup according to the Chapter 2 of the “Remote case Reference guide”
  • Owner Manual and Service Manual availability

During the agreed appointment, the Official Bugatti Partner will insure continuity of the following:

  • Technician availability at the car
  • Internet connection
  • Vehicle Power supply (As per Official workshop manual: Connecting the supply voltage device)


8.3. Manual modification 

8.3.1. Owner manual modification Chiron & Divo:

A new Label has to be glued over the original text on the page descripted below:

!!! This procedure isn’t a “simple gluing”, read it once before undertaking to apply it !!!

Owner manual
Language Version  Chiron Divo
German Page.128 Page.125
French Page.131 Page.126
Rest of the world Page.127 Page.122
Arabic Page.127 Page.116
Japan Page.128  –
United States Page.140  –


Figure 1 : Label to be glued in the owner manual

  1. Identify the page where the label has to be installed
  2. Remove the protection fold and glue properly the label

8.3.2. Service manual modification Chiron & Divo 

A new Label or new “double page” has to be glued over the original text on the page descripted below:

*the page mentioned below in blue need to be replace with new gluable double page

Service manual
Language Version  Chiron Divo
German Page.54 Page.52
French Full page.55 Page.52
Rest of the world Full page.54 Page.52
Arabic Page.54 Page.52
Japan Page.54
United States Full page.54


!!! This procedure isn’t a “simple gluing”, read it once before undertaking to apply it !!!


Figure 2 : Page to be glued in the service manual


Figure 3 : Label to be glued in the service manual 


Figure 4 : Gluing procedure

!!! Before sticking the pages, make sure the text is in the good direction !!!


Operation Defect Code Repair Code Time
Control Unit SW Update

(Cluster, Chassis CU)

BUGCR033/1 0.5 hrs/CU
Label in the Owner Manual BUGCR033/2 0.1 hrs


Warranty information

Bugatti Bulletins are intended for use by experienced and trained technicians. If you lack the skills, tools, equipment and a suitable workshop for any procedure described in this document, we suggest you leave such repairs to an Authorized Bugatti Partner. See your Bugatti Partner for advice on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information contained within this document.

The information contained in this Bulletin is accurate at the date of publication. However, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. regularly updates technical information. Please check with your Bugatti Partner that the Bulletin you intend to use contains the latest available information.


Technical Product Information versions history
Version Modification Author
V1.2 Creation of the file L.Sandt


9. VIN range

VF9SP3V37HM795007 VF9SP3V39JM795046 VF9SP3V30KM795163 VF9SP3V33KM795223 VF9SP3V3XLM795298
VF9SP3V37HM795024 VF9SP3V36JM795053 VF9SP3V32KM795150 VF9SP3V38KM795234 VF9SD3V34LM795001
VF9SP3V35HM795023 VF9SP3V36JM795098 VF9SP3V34KM795148 VF9SP3V31KM795219 VF9SD3V3XLM795004
VF9SP3V32HM795027 VF9SP3V37JM795093 VF9SP3V33KM795142 VF9SP3V37KM795225 VF9SD3V31LM795005
VF9SP3V32HM795044 VF9VP3V32GM795007 VF9SP3V30JM795100 VF9SP3V35KM795241 VF9SP3V34LM795281
VF9SP3V34HM795028 VF9SP3V32JM795101 VF9SP3V30KM795146 VF9SP3V33KM795240 VF9SD3V36LM795002
VF9SP3V39HM795025 VF9SP3V38JM795104 VF9SP3V39KM795162 VF9SP3V32KM795245 VF9SD3V33LM795006
VF9SP3V37HM795041 VF9SP3V3XJM795105 VF9SP3V32KM795164 VF9SP3V35KM795238 VF9SD3V37LM795011
VF9SP3V35HM795037 VF9SP3V3XJM795086 VF9SP3V39KM795176 VF9SP3V33KM795237 VF9SP3V38LM795297
VF9SP3V36HM795032 VF9SP3V36JM795103 VF9SP3V38KM795170 VF9NP3V31KM795024 VF9SP3V32LM795294
VF9SP3V31HM795035 VF9SP3V36JM795117 VF9SP3V30KM795177 VF9SP3V31KM795222 VF9NP3V33HM795020
VF9SP3V39HM795039 VF9SP3V33JM795110 VF9SP3V31KM795169 VF9SP3V32LM795246 VF9SP3V36LM795301
VF9SP3V38HM795033 VF9SP3V35JM795108 VF9SP3V32KM795178 VF9SP3V34LM795247 VF9SD3V38LM795003
VF9SP3V34HM795031 VF9SP3V34JM795083 VF9SP3V34KM795179 VF9SP3V36KM795233 VF9SD3V39LM795009
VF9SP3V38HM795047 VF9NP3V31GM795015 VF9SP3V35KM795174 VF9SP3V30KM795244 VF9SD3V34LM795015
VF9SP3V30HM795043 VF9SP3V3XJM795119 VF9SP3V35KM795143 VF9SP3V36LM795248 VF9SD3V36LM795016
VF9SP3V30HM795026 VF9SP3V37JM795109 VF9SP3V38KM795153 VF9SP3V33LM795255 VF9SD3V3XLM795021
VF9SP3V34HM795062 VF9SP3V35JM795125 VF9SP3V36KM795183 VF9SP3V37LM795257 VF9SP3V30LM795293
VF9SP3V36HM795029 VF9SP3V30JM795114 VF9SP3V35KM795188 VF9SP3V37LM795260 VF9SD3V38LM795017
VF9SP3V3XHM795034 VF9SP3V3XJM795122 VF9SP3V35KM795191 VF9SP3V39LM795230 VF9SP3V34LM795300
VF9SP3V34JM795052 VF9SP3V35JM795111 VF9SP3V30KM795180 VF9SP3V3XLM795253 VF9SD3V3XLM795018
VF9SP3V36JM795036 VF9SP3V37JM795126 VF9SP3V31KM795186 VF9NP3V31HM795016 VF9SD3V31LM795019
VF9SP3V34JM795049 VF9SP3V32JM795115 VF9SP3V3XKM795185 VF9SP3V38LM795249 VF9FP2V35FM795001
VF9SP3V31JM795056 VF9SP3V30JM795128 VF9SP3V32KM795200 VF9SP3V36LM795251 VF9VP3V37GM795004
VF9SP3V37HM795038 VF9SP3V35JM795139 VF9SP3V33KM795187 VF9SP3V37KM795242 VF9VP3V39GM795005
VF9SP3V38JM795054 VF9SP3V34JM795133 VF9SP3V33KM795190 VF9SP3V38LM795252 VF9VP3V35GM795003
VF9SP3V38JM795071 VF9SP3V33JM795074 VF9SP3V34KM795196 VF9SP3V35LM795256 VF9VP3V36GM795009
VF9SP3V36JM795084 VF9SP3V38JM795135 VF9SP3V36KM795197 VF9SP3V30LM795262 VF9VP3V36GM795012
VF9SP3V3XJM795055 VF9SP3V3XKM795123 VF9SP3V32KM795181 VF9SP3V33LM795269 VF9VP3V32GM795010
VF9SP3V38JM795040 VF9SP3V32JM795129 VF9SP3V3XKM795204 VF9SP3V31LM795271 VF9VP3V34GM795011
VF9SP3V3XJM795072 VF9SP3V31KM795124 VF9SP3V35KM795160 VF9SP3V31LM795268 VF9NP3V33HM795017
VF9SP3V35JM795058 VF9SP3V37KM795158 VF9SP3V36KM795202 VF9SP3V39LM795275 VF9SP3V39HM795008
VF9SP3V30JM795078 VF9SP3V32JM795132 VF9SP3V34KM795201 VF9SP3V32KM795231 VF9PD3V39KM795001
VF9SP3V3XJM795069 VF9SP3V37KM795127 VF9SP3V35KM795210 VF9SP3V37LM795274 VF9SP3V3XKM795171
VF9VP3V30GM795006 VF9SP3V36JM795134 VF9SP3V37KM795192 VF9SP3V33LM795272 VF9ND3V3XKM795001
VF9SP3V31JM795073 VF9SP3V34KM795120 VF9SP3V37KM795211 VF9SP3V3XLM795270 VF9SP3V39KM795193
VF9SP3V38JM795068 VF9SP3V31KM795155 VF9SP3V30KM795194 VF9SP3V31KM795236 VF9SP3V38KM795198
VF9SP3V32JM795079 VF9SP3V31JM795140 VF9SP3V35KM795207 VF9SP3V38LM795283 VF9SP3V36KM795216
VF9SP3V36JM795070 VF9SP3V31KM795138 VF9SP3V34KM795182 VF9SP3V3XLM795284 VF9SP3V36LM795265
VF9SP3V37JM795045 VF9SP3V37KM795144 VF9SP3V38KM795203 VF9SP3V32LM795277 VF9VW3V33MM795001
VF9SP3V37JM795059 VF9SP3V3XKM795154 VF9SP3V35KM795224 VF9SP3V34LM795278 VF9SD3V35LM795007
VF9SP3V37JM795076 VF9SP3V36KM795121 VF9SP3V38KM795220 VF9SP3V32KM795195 VF9SP3V30LM795276
VF9SP3V33JM795057 VF9SP3V33KM795156 VF9SP3V32KM795214 VF9SP3V34LM795250 VF9VW3V35MM795002
VF9SP3V30JM795064 VF9SP3V31KM795141 VF9SP3V39KM795226 VF9SP3V36LM795282 VF9SD3V39LM795012
VF9SP3V38JM795085 VF9SP3V34KM795151 VF9SP3V38KM795217 VF9SP3V31LM795285 VF9SP3V39LM795292
VF9SP3V31JM795087 VF9SP3V36KM795152 VF9SP3V37KM795208 VF9SP3V35LM795287 VF9SP3V34LM795295
VF9SP3V30JM795081 VF9SP3V3XKM795137 VF9SP3V3XKM795218 VF9SP3V33LM795286 VF9SD3V38LM795020
VF9SP3V34JM795066 VF9SP3V36KM795149 VF9SP3V39KM795243 VF9SP3V38LM795266 VF9SP3V33LM795305
VF9SP3V39JM795080 VF9SP3V30JM795131 VF9NP3V37HM795022 VF9SP3V39KM795212 VF9SP3V37MM795308
VF9SP3V31JM795090 VF9SP3V32KM795147 VF9SP3V30KM795213 VF9SP3V35LM795273 VF9SD3V31LM795022
VF9SP3V32JM795065 VF9SP3V39KM795145 VF9SP3V30KM795227 VF9SP3V32LM795280 VF9SD3V30LM795027
VF9SP3V32JM795082 VF9SP3V39KM795159 VF9SP3V3XKM795235 VF9SP3V37LM795291
VF9SP3V33JM795088 VF9SP3V37KM795161 VF9SP3V34KM795229 VF9SP3V34LM795264
VF9SP3V33JM795091 VF9SP3V36KM795166 VF9SP3V34KM795232 VF9SP3V39LM795289
VF9NP3V35HM795021 VF9SP3V35KM795157 VF9SP3V3XKM795221 VF9SP3V37LM795288
VF9SP3V35JM795092 VF9SP3V34KM795165 VF9SP3V37KM795239 VF9SD3V37LM795008


Chronology :

During new model ESC application test, a non compliance with FMVSS 126 has been detected. A software correction has been developed to comply with FMVSS 126.


9 Affected Products


BUGATTI DIVO 2020-2021


7 Associated Documents

Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-20V732-1113.pdf 1150.703KB



Noncompliance Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-20V732-8272.PDF 217.79KB



Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2020-4

RCLQRT-20V732-1048.PDF 211.139KB



Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-20V732-6998.pdf 245.027KB



ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-20V732-6083.pdf 75.427KB



Recall 573 Report

RCLRPT-20V732-2294.PDF 217.793KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc) – Partner Notification re Defect Recall Rear Left Hand Driveshaft Bugatti Chiron/Divo + Model Year

RCMN-20V732-4309.pdf 92.539KB



Latest Recalls Documents




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Thinkscan SF100 OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Car Code Reader Scan Tool, ABS SRS Airbag Scanner, EPB Brake Reset Oil Light Service Tool, Full OBDII, Live Data
  • 🚘【ABS & SRS SYSTEMS DIAGNOSES FREE】Thinkcar SF100 OBD2 Scanner supports 2 main system diagnostics, including Air Bag and ABS system. ✔ Anti-Brake System Diagnosis (ABS): Retrieve ABS codes to tell you where the problem is, then you can fix it. ✔ Airbag System Diagnosis (SRS): A safety restraint system, is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves. This diagnostic device can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status.
  • 🚗【FULL 10 OBDII DIAGNOSIS FREE】This check engine code reader supports 10 modes of OBDII diagnostic functions-Read codes, Erase codes, On-board monitor test, I/M readiness, Vehicle live data, Freeze frame data, Auto VIN information, O2 Monitor Test, EVAP Monitor Test, DTCs Lookup. It helpful for quick analysis and diagnosis, providing solutions, saving time and money.
  • 👍【EPB & OIL RESET FREE】Optional Paid Subscription Service Resets: Throttle Matching, Battery Matching,ABS Bleeding,EPB Reset,DPF Regeneration,TPMS Reset(NOT TPMS programming),Airbag Reset,Gear Learn, Etc. $29.95/one/ year. 👉 NOTE: The reset function is not applicable to all vehicles. Please send us the VIN number to check compatibility before purchasing.
  • 🚗【Various vehicle coverage + 8 languages】Thinkcar ThinkScan SF100 car scanner diagnostic car diagnostic tool supports vehicles under the OBD2 agreement after 1996, covering a wide range of vehicles in Asia, Europe and the United States, with a wide coverage. 💜SUPPORT 8 LANGUAGES💜: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian.
  • ✅【 SUPPORT DIAGNOSIS REPORT 】This code reader can easily generate vehicle health diagnosis report, scan the QR code to print the diagnosis report. Simple and convenient, save time and efficiency for your car diagnosis.
Bestseller No. 7
OBD2 Scanner Code Reader AL600, ABS& SRS Scanner Diagnostic Tool with Active Test, TOPDON Scanner for Car with Oil/BMS/SAS Reset Service, Full OBD2 Functions Automotive Scan Tool, Lifetime Free Update
  • [ABS & SRS Scanner with Active Test] The ABS/ SRS diagnostic tool Read & clear DTCs, displays live data in a graph to locate the cause of faults and assists the home mechanic with repairs and clearing ABS and airbag warning lights. Active test sensors, valves or solenoids etc. and tracks any threats in real time. It is invaluable to have a diagnostic tool with Active Test feature that you will never find on similar ABS/ SRS scanners.
  • 【3 HOP Reset Services 】Easy to set up 3 regular reset services for Oil Light, Battery Management System, and Steering Angle Position. With this obd2 scanner, you can reset the oil service light and reset pre-programmed mileage intervals for energy efficiency; adjust or reset the steering angle position to keep steering aligned; and clear the original low battery fault information. No need to leave home for shop-quality car maintenance.
  • 【All OBD2 Test Modes 】 This ABS & SRS scan tool is also a full featured obd2 code reader, allowing a quick test of the engine system of OBD II vehicles, can Read/Clear engine light codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, Retrieving I/M Readiness Status, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Evap Test, Read Vehicle Information, and help pass smog test for most post-1996 OBD2/CAN vehicles.
  • [DTC LookUp Library] Can't read the code? Go to the DTC LookUp Library. The Topdon AL600 OBD2 scanner offers a wealth of code definitions so you don't have to look them up in a list or database, and the HELP function takes you to diagnostic tips for possible fixes, saving time searching for repair materials online. No other scan tool or code reader under $100 offers this level of assistance.
  • [User-Oriented] You'll love the feel of this automotive scanner, with black rubber grips all around the outer edges for durability and to withstand accidental drops. With its easy access menu, you can operate all functions in minutes with just a few button presses. The 3-color LEDs give you a intuitive indication of the OBD2 test results in a second. 3 shortcut keys, one key to read/clear DTCs and a one-touch smoke status check make it easy to use even for beginners.
SaleBestseller No. 8
LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner, 2023 Elite CRP129E Diagnostics Scan Tool, ABS/SRS/TCM/Engine Code Reader, 8 Reset Service, Oil/EPB/TPMS/SAS/BMS/Throttle Reset, Injector Coding, Auto Vin,Lifetime Free Update
  • 🎁【Free TPMS Activation Tool】: Just click "Extra Savings" under price and add both to your cart to get a FREE TPMS Activation Tool which works for GM cars. Limited quantity. First come, First served. 👍We are proud to tell that LAUNCH CRP129E has been recommended as the "Best Overall OBD2 scanner" by Amazon editors, and also highly recommended by YouTube machinists. Lifetime Free WiFi Upgrade. 5 Years Warranty. Any problem, please reach us via 📩 kingbolen05@hotmail.com.
  • 🔥【2023 Elite Version, Add More Functions,No Extra Software Fee】Update version of CRP123/CRP123E, LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner with 4 systems diagnostic, 8 reset service, fast android 7.0 OS, 5”HD 720P touchscreen, 16G RAM, 6100mAh battery, battery voltage test,Auto VIN, full obd2 functions,DTC library,live data graphing, record & playback, and automatic generate diagnostic health report, printable via email shareing. One-Click WiFi Update makes you can use the newest software all time for free.
  • 👍【4 Systems Diagnostic Tool】+【Full OBDII Functions】With this scanner automotriz, even beginners can use it to read the fault codes of Engine/ABS/Airbag/Transmission, find the right troubleshooting procedure. After repairing, it can even clear the fault code and turn off the annoying warning light. Diagnose with full 10 OBD2 test modes to fix most of emission issues, keep your engine in good condition and avoid being fined before the annual car inspection.
  • 👍【8 Reset Service Car Scanner】+【Battery Voltage Test】📢From Oct. 2022, LAUNCH CRP129E scan tool added 3 service. 8 Reset service: Oil Reset,TPMS Reset,Brake Reset,Throttle Adaptation,Steering Angle Calibration,Injector Coding, Battery Registration to maintain your vehicle system safely and efficiently. Graphing the battery voltage to real-time monitoring, determine battery's health status, help you know the possible battery and the charging system problems in advance.
  • 📢【Lifetime Free WiFi Updates + Work on 57 Vehicle Brands + 10 Languages Supported】LAUNCH CRP129E diagnostic scan tool works on most vehicles after 1996 compliant with OBD2 protocols, more than 57 brands and over 10000+ vehicle models. 10 Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Russian. No IP Limited. One-click lifetime free wifi update keep you always enjoy the newest software and newly added functions.
Bestseller No. 9
Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Engine Transmission Diagnoses OBD II Full Functions Upgraded Version of AL519/AL619/ ML619 for DIYers Professionals
  • 👍[Best Choice for DIYers & Home Mechanics] With all 10 OBDII test modes, the Autel scanner MaxiLink ML629 can easily find out the cause of the CEL and turn off the light after certain repairs. Unlike other Check Engine Light code reader, this OBD2 scanner can diagnose the Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS systems and turn off the 4-system related warning lights, improving driving safety. It also features 4-in-1 Graph Live Data, DTC Lookup, free lifetime update, etc.
  • 👍[4 Systems ECM/TCM/ABS/SRS Diagnoses] Upgraded from Autel ML519/AL619/ML619, this car diagnostic tool can get quick access to the ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission systems and read/clear codes from the systems. Thus, it can quickly figure out the system problems, and make sure the 4 systems work correctly & safely. The ABS scanner supports most vehicles after 1996 from the USA, Asia, & Europe. Check the compatibility first with car VIN before purchase.
  • 👍[10 Test Modes of OBDII Functions] As a professional OBD2 scanner for turning off the CEL when it comes on, Autel Scanner ML629 can also accurately determine the possible causes by reading codes/live data/freeze frame/vehicle information, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness, on-board monitor test, and EVAP system leak test. Based on Auto VIN technology, this OBD2 diagnostic tool ML629 can automatically identify the car and quickly retrieve the car’s VIN.
  • 👍[Built-in DTC Library with 10000+ DTCs] Designed with a built-in DTC library, this Autel OB2 scanner ML629 allows you to look up the definition of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) anytime. No need Google search. After you read codes, the definition is directly displayed with the DTCs, so you know what the problem is and may be able to fix it yourself quickly. Also,10000+ DTC definitions are stored in and updated for more.
  • 👍[Graph Live Data & Data Playback & Report Print] The Autel obd2 scanner ML629 allows you to view the live data/PID (for some models) of multiple sensors and components in text & graph modes to quickly pinpoint bad parts or faults. The Freeze Frame Data aids you to do fast & accurate diagnostics and repairs by recording the parameters when the fault occurs. Meantime, the code reader ML629 also can play back the data recorded or print it out via PC to share it with others.
Bestseller No. 10
INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission, Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool with Oil Reset/Battery & Alternator Test/Full OBD II/Live Data/Repair Solutions 2 APP
  • 【Check Engine Light】The obd2 scanner 6100P shows fault codes with DTC Severity and quickly reveals the cause of "Check Engine" light warnings(MIL). One-press hot key help to check engine issue. Live data displays plenty of vehicle data present, such as engine coolant temperature, fuel injector pulse width(fuel trim), RPM, spark timing, etc.
  • 【ABS & SRS & Transmission 】In addition to related OBD II codes,The abs srs obd2 scanner works well on reading/erasing ABS & SRS and Transmission codes for popular US Car Makes such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM, etc. when the Traction light is constantly on. The ability to really detect where the problem is concerning brakes and airbags enables you to make sure all safety measures in place before putting yourself in harm's way.
  • 【Oil Light Reset+Oil Level/Oil Life status】it easy to view the procedures or send command for resetting oil maintenance or resetting the mileage or driving time to zero after the maintenance for most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles. This abs code reader can also monitor your oil level and oil life status.
  • 【Battery Test & Alternator Test】The Innova code reader can be used to check the performance of the battery or alternator for your hybrid, car, SUV, minivan, or light truck diesel as well. During rough winters and scorching summers, this diagnostic tool will be invaluable when trying to root out start-up issues.
  • 【Code Severity Levels】With Code Severity Levels function of This Innova Scan Tool, you can quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself,You don't need to worry about the warning lights on again. And we are glad to tell that Innova 6100P has been selected to "Amazon's Highly recommended products" as "Highly rated OBDII Scanners" 🙂

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